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Roland - DWX-52DC

If your dental laboratory is looking to increase its milling productivity, look no further than the DWX-52DC. The addition of an automatic disc changer and its ability to hold up to 6 adapters, has allowed jobs to run continuously and unattended so production of dental restorations is now even more efficient and reliable. Users can also have the flexibility to choose between working with multiple shades of zirconia or with various other types of materials.


Automated Dental Milling,
Day and Night

The ultimate in ease, material flexibility and unattended production, the DWX-52DC is designed to increase your laboratory’s productivity and profit. Featuring a 6-slot Automatic Disc Changer, 15-station Automatic Tool Changer and other automated features, the DWX-52DC gives users of all skill levels an exceptionally powerful, efficient and affordable dental restoration solution. 

Automatic Disc Changer (ADC)

The DWX-52DC comes equipped with an Automatic Disc Changer (ADC) with chambers that can hold up to 6 adapters which can be interchanged between jobs automatically, enabling continuous, simultaneous, milling of multiple jobs. The disc changer and milling chamber are completely separate, allowing users to have the flexibility to remove any disk inside the adapter chamber while other jobs are in motion. Automated operation combined with the increased capacity allow unattended milling of multiple materials or shade  throughout the day and overnight.

*If pin-based materials are desired, an additional pin clamp can be used along with the adapter, which can mill 7 pin-based materials consecutively. 

More Housings on the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC)

To minimize preparation work and time, the DWX-52DC now houses 15 burs which efficiently mills of a wide range of materials, including zirconia, wax, PMMA, composite resin, PEEK, gypsum, CoCr sinter metal and fiber-reinforced resin. A Vpanel software update, Intelligent Tool Controls, allows the ability to automatically swap out burs when they reach their life span. All the additional housing units offer the opportunity to automatically manage burs.

High Quality, Precision Milling

A robust and steady ball screw-driven system mills high quality complex dental restorations. The DWX-52DC calibrates the five axes automatically prior to milling. Simultaneously rotating and tilting discs through 5 axes of movement enables the milling of deep undercuts, large arch restorations and other full-mouth prosthetics.  An airflow system assists in keeping the work area clean, and An air pressure system has also been added to automatically change the volume of air for the type of material being milled, eliminating air control errors during milling.

Multiple Device Connectivity

For laboratories requiring greater production capacity, up to 4 DWX-52DC milling machines can be connected to 1 computer.

User-Friendly Operation (VPanel)

The DWX-52DC includes the industry-acclaimed, user-friendly Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel), which replaces complex controls often associated with CNC milling. VPanel can control up to four machines from a single computer to boost production capacity. It also monitors milling bur life and alerts users when burs need to be replaced. A new cleaning function has been added to help reduce post-production work by removing dust from the surface of milled materials like zirconia, which will automatically change used burs at the end of their life (Intelligent Tool Changer function), conduct machine diagnostics and give you one-touch machine calibration. The DWX-52DC also features an integrated ioniser which reduces static build up, helping to reduce the cutting residue when working with materials such as PMMA.

Open Architecture

The DWX-52DC’s open architecture means it can be used with the CAD/CAM software that your technicians are already familiar with in order to cut learning time and create the optimum workflow for your production environment. The DWX-52DC provides an efficient digital solution for both dental laboratories seeking to boost production capabilities, as well as labs looking to expand into the digital realm.

Management Made Easy


The storage drawer makes it easy for the user to keep track of all the items needed during or after milling such as adapters and burs.


Case management is now easier than ever. The DWX-52DC provides a barcode on each adapter, allowing the user to easily track the jobs on each disk based on their setup in the CAM software.

Progress and Error Alerts for Error-Free Milling

To further automate the milling process and ensure error-free production, users receive e-mail notifications detailing any errors, or when milling is completed, while a color-coded LED light signals machine status.

New C-clamp for easy adjustment and alignment

Virtual Machine Panel (VPanel) allows users to configure settings from their computer, send data to the DWX-51D and track milling progress

Easy access tool drawer properly stores and protects tools

Easily accessible cutting area for simple tool replacement and cleaning

Tool life monitoring

Powerful vacuum and anti-static ionizer for clean calibration and dust reduction

Overview of Specifications

5-axis simultaneous operation for non-stop precision milling

10-station Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) for continuous milling

Sturdy frame ensures stability, while slim design fits nearly any lab space