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The D1000 is synonymous with ultra-high productivity, which makes it the ideal choice for large labs who produce high volume. When producing such substantial amounts, speed and time are key factors that have to be considered, which would pose no problem for the D1000. It possesses four high-resolution, 5 Megapixel cameras and new blue LED multi-line laser technology which generate exceptional speed and highly accurate colour scanning. It also has the added advantage of allowing you to scan full models without the need to separate dies. 

3Shape D1000

  • Ultra-high productivity

    • 4 x 5 MP cameras, Blue LED Multiline 

    • Accuracy (ISO 12836 / implant) : 5 μm / 8 μm 

    • Scan speed (arch): 16 sec

    • Scan speed (die): 15 sec

    • Scan speed (full arch impression): 65 sec

    • Texture: Color

    • Scanning strategy: Die in model