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with 3Shape TRIOS 3D Orthodontics

5 ways digital 3D orthodontics will BOOST YOUR BUSINESS


patient experience

Get digital accuracy and limit manual errors

Enjoy easy impression taking and reduce retakes

Save time and

see more patients

Save on impression materials, shipping

and storage costs


More efficiency and precision with TRIOS® Orthodontics

Scan upper and lower, and let TRIOS® automatically set the bite. Combine additional patient data such as DICOM and 2D images with your 3D models.

Give a great treatment experience and improve patient excitement

Enhance comfort with wireless innovation

Engage patients with 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator in realistic colour

Show patients the envisioned results of their treatment onscreen in full-color with our orthodontic 3D software program. Works with all 3Shape integrated orthodontic solution brands.

Patient Specific Motion

Use 3D orthodontics to accurately capture your patient’s bite automatically in real-time while you scan. TRIOS Patient Specific Motion will record a series of different bite positions, highlight occlusal contacts, and get a better understanding about case possibilities.

Orthodontics software to archive cases digitally

Save space, time, and money. 3D orthodontic software lets you organize and access your cases digitally and eliminate analogue models.